Crafted to resolve a diverse array of water quality issues, VESTA reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems present a compact, cost-effective, and powerful solution for delivering the highest caliber drinking water to your home. Given the varying nature of water supplies and the possible contamination risks posed by aging plumbing and municipal piping, securing a trusted purification process becomes paramount. VESTA reverse osmosis systems rise to the occasion.

Our RO systems apply pressure to force water through a module comprising a semi-permeable membrane and multiple filtration stages. This ensures your drinking water is free from a broad spectrum of contaminants. The RO system integrates a pre-filter designed to capture larger particles, chlorine, and other substances, thereby ensuring no substantial contaminants make their way into the purified water.

Further, the semi-permeable membrane within the system intercepts additional contaminants, ensuring your water is purified to the highest standards. An activated carbon filter steps in next to eliminate any residual taste, odor, and select organic contaminants. This sequence of filtration grants you access to immaculately clean water, anytime you need it.

Finally, an integrated storage tank holds the treated water, ready for use when you are. With a VESTA RO system, you’re not just investing in a water purifier, you’re safeguarding the health of your family, ensuring every glass of water you drink is pure, clean, and refreshing.