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New Installation, Service and Repair - serving Tampa and surrounding Areas

Water Softener and Water Filtration in Tampa

  Your water is ESSENTIAL to your HEALTH and WELL BEING. Drink SAFE and GOOD tasting water from any faucet, no more bad taste or bad smell, improve your skin and enjoy your water LIKE NATURE INTENDED !

WATER softeners - new equipment, installation and repair

WE PROVIDE a wide range of Water Softeners, Water Conditioners and Whole House Water Filters for installation in Tampa, FL

  • Water Softener Systems
  • Salt-Free (Saltless) Water Softening Systems
  • Carbon Filtration Systems
  • Whole House Water Conditioners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Customized Well Water Treatment Systems

WE also offer:

  • FREE Onsite Water Analysis and Consultation
  • FREE Well Water Checkup ($75 VALUE !)


  • We provide PERSONALIZED service
  • We work with you and your BUDGET
  • Our systems COST LESS than half the price of the big name companies like Culligan® and Kinetico® for same or better QUALITY water
  • We CARE about our customers

  • CALL US at 813-929-8149 for a FREE in-home Water Analysis & Estimate

Customer Reviews

"Great customer service and very knowledgeable about water treatment.  I had a saltless water conditioner & carbon filtration system installed last Friday.  The water tastes like bottled water from a mountain spring.  Removes the scaling and even filters the water for less costs than a water softener.  No more salt, no electricity needed, only will need to change filters in the future.  I highly recommend Smarter Water Solutions LLC"

Rick C. - Tampa

"I called Smarter Water Solutions to install a replacement water softener. I received great professional service at a fair price. 

I definitely recommend Smarter Water Solutions. I am enjoying my water"

Ana N. - Tampa

"I am very selective on the water I drink and spent quite a bit of money on bottled water. Since I have had my Salt-Free Water Softener and Carbon Filter installed I have not needed to spend any money for my drinking water. My skin also has never been softer. After having the system installed, I had my friend try my water straight from the faucet and she could not believe how pure the water tasted! I highly recommend having Erik from Smarter Water Solutions install your system"

Linda B. - Land O Lakes

"I approached Smarter Water Solutions and Erik was very prompt and thorough in answering all my concerns. I had a water softener/conditioner system installed over 8 months ago and have not had buyers remorse a single day. The water tastes better and it has made an effect to our cutlery as the calcified stains do not appear anymore. The workmanship has also been professional and individualized as per my needs.  I would be happy to recommend Smarter Water Solutions to my local neighborhood " 

Yezdi B. - Lutz