Loaded with cutting-edge features, the VESTA UV5 series of residential UV systems set new benchmarks in the market. Witness how this product distinguishes itself through innovation and quality in every detail. Central to the UV5 system is VESTA’s pioneering 5 series controller, a constant current electronic power source neatly encapsulated in a splash-proof case, designed with a future-proof expandability port for seamless upgrades and added options.

The controller’s color user interface enhances usability, making it effortless to visually discern the remaining lamp life and any error or fault codes. The UV5 system cleverly incorporates QR codes, providing immediate access to lamp change information and instructional videos on the web, ensuring you are never without guidance.

Built for longevity, the rugged reactors, constructed from 304 stainless steel, feature a single-end design and an integral port for potential upgrades to a UV monitored system. For those not requiring a monitor, an integral visual glow plug is included as an additional way to verify that your UV lamp is functional. Furthermore, the single-end design simplifies the lamp change process by eliminating the need to drain the reactor chamber.

Relying on reliable, industry-proven, high-quality low pressure (LP) coated UV lamps, the UV5 system ensures consistent output over its 9,000-hour lifespan. With the VESTA UV5 series, step into a realm of enhanced water purification that effortlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with practical usability.