Presenting the VESTA Water Conditioner, a personalized solution to combat the unique water quality issues in your home, ensuring your family’s access to pristine water. Investing in a VESTA ensures a supply of top-notch water at every tap within your abode.

Our innovative dual-media conditioners are expertly designed to purify water from chlorine, hardness, and unwanted tastes and odors. The pioneering Mid-Vortech™ tank bolsters media efficiency, with two distinct chambers nestled within a single tank. The lower chamber is filled with media to soften the water, while the upper chamber boasts activated carbon to eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors. Your VESTA professional water treatment dealer may even customize this chamber with an alternative filter media to combat your distinct water issues.

At the nucleus of the VESTA softening system resides the meticulously engineered control valve. This critical component assures years of seamless operation, owing to its cutting-edge design. The exceptional quality of the VESTA control valve is amplified by the solid-state microprocessors that tirelessly monitor and self-adjust the system’s regeneration frequency. Moreover, its battery backup ensures preservation of all the settings programmed into the control valve, while the chic two-toned gray finish complements modern home appliances effortlessly.

Invite a VESTA Water Conditioner into your home and experience a transformative shift in water quality, contributing to a healthier lifestyle while also enhancing the longevity of your home appliances.