PolyPhos Beads® for Salt-Free water "Softening"

PolyPhos Beads® - Slow Dissolving Polyphosphate Beads


PolyPhos Beads® Dissolving Polyphosphate Beads are specially designed and manufactured to be a form of slowly dissolving polyphosphate in a bead design for use in potable water systems. PolyPhos Beads® beads are engineered to dissolve at a controlled concentration to provide ongoing sequestration of minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and other hardness minerals. PolyPhos Beads® will inhibit mineral scale formations and minimize corrosion throughout the water system.

PolyPhos Beads® Polyphosphate Functions:

  • PolyPhos Beads® is a unique form of polyphosphate beads 3mm – 5mm that sequester hardness minerals, prevent precipitation of minerals found in water supplies, as well as preventing internal mineral deposits within the water distribution system. 
  • Maintains water clarity through functional sequestration of minerals and scale control
  • Gradual removal and inhibition of existing mineral scale deposits and prevention of these formations in hot water lines and residential water heaters.
  • Reduced corrosion through cathodic “deadening” of the corrosion cell potential thereby inhibiting corrosion through out the water distribution plumbing.

PolyPhos Beads® Application & Dosage

PolyPhos Beads® can be applied to a water system by a cartridge style POU (point of use) application system. Normal optimal use concentrations are in the range of 2 to 4 mg/L. Maximum suggested use limit is 10 mg/L measured as Total Phosphate (NSF Max Potable Usage: 14 mg/L). 

For general guidance in sizing your dosage system, please contact us at Smarter Water Solutions LLC at 813-929-8149.

PolyPhos® Beads Packaging, Shipping & Handling:

PolyPhos® polyphosphate beads for residential or commercial use are packaged 1 lb, 5 lb and 10 lb plastic bags.

Larger quantities of 50 lb pails or 1,000 lb & 2,500 lb pallet sized bulk cartons are available for Domestic use or Export - please contact us for larger quantity pricing.

PolyPhos Beads® for Potable Water Treatment

PolyPhos Beads® for Potable Water Treatment