RE3 Alkaline Water Ionizer:

Experience the pinnacle of modern design and purification with the RE3 Alkaline Water Ionizer. Designed for seamless countertop operation, this innovative appliance combines contemporary aesthetics with unparalleled filtration technology, setting new standards in home water purification.


Discover the future of home hydration with the Re3 Series Alkaline Water Ionizer, where exceptional design meets uncompromising water quality standards.

Embrace the future of home water purification with the RE3 Alkaline Water Ionizer, where innovation meets purity in every glass.

Key Features

Sleek Modern Design: Crafted to elevate any kitchen space, the RE3 Alkaline Water Ionizer boasts a sleek, minimalist design inspired by cutting-edge trends in home appliances.

Triple Filtration System: Engineered for ultimate purity, our advanced triple filtration system ensures that every drop of water is free from contaminants, providing you with water that surpasses industry standards for cleanliness and taste. The filters are good for 7,500 Liters of use.

Alkaline Water Ionization: Transform ordinary tap water into alkaline ionized water, enriched with essential minerals and antioxidants that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Auto Cleaning Function After Use

Large LCD Screen with ORP and pH Level Indicators in 7 different Colors

Alkaline Water (4 Levels – 8.5pH to 10.0pH range)

Acidic Water (4 Levels – 4.0pH to 5.5pH range)

Purified Water Setting (7pH Neutral Water)

Mid-Range Hydrogen ~1,200 ppb

Can either have countertop unit or unit under-sink with a Smart Faucet option

Quality Assurance: Built to Last: With a commitment to durability and reliability, the RE3 Alkaline Water Ionizer is constructed from premium materials, guaranteeing years of dependable performance.

FDA Certified Medical Device
ISO Certified 9001 & 13485 for Medical Devices