HYM1+ Series Hydrogen Water Generator:

Discover the cutting-edge features of the Hym1+ Series Hydrogen Water Generator, combining advanced technology with compact practical design for enhanced water purification and health benefits.

Key Features

Compact Size: Designed for efficiency and space-saving convenience.

Simple yet Refined Design: Aesthetic appeal meets functionality.

Special Clearance Membrane-Type Electrolytic Cell System: Incorporates advanced technologies for superior performance.

Filter Chip and Control System: Ensures safety and sanitation by detecting usage patterns and filter status.

Hydrogen Water Innovation: Produces hydrogen water containing up to 1,570 ppb of dissolved hydrogen.

Hydrogen Generation Technology: Utilizes a hydrogen water generation system (Models: HYM1+/HYM1) with patented automatic channel switch technology, producing Mg-free and ozone-free water without requiring a water storage tank.

No Ozone or Unpleasant Odor: Ensures a clean and fresh water experience.

Rich in Minerals: Preserves essential minerals for enhanced water quality.

Automatic Post-Operation Cleaning System: Simplifies maintenance for longevity and optimal performance.

Ceramic Valves: Durable valves that maintain reliability over time.

HYM1+ (Premium Type): Dispenses 3 Levels of hydrogen water (High, Mid, and Low), purified water, and Ozone. Produces water containing up to 1,570 ppb of dissolved hydrogen for maximum health benefits.