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About Chloramine and Fluoride in Tampa Bay Drinking Water

 DID YOU KNOW ?: Florida's drinking water is ranked 2nd worst in the nation........ 




DID YOU KNOW about Chloramine? Chloramine is a form of chlorine that is added to drinking water in the Tampa Bay Area in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas County water for disinfection of the water. Chloramines are all respiratory irritants. This is what you "smell" when you take a shower. Chloramine has not been studied for its health effects....

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Are you drinking Healthy Water? 

DID YOU KNOW about Fluoride?: In most of Hillsborough County and all of Pinellas County, Fluoride is added to the drinking water supply. Research has indicated that fluoride lowers IQ-levels in children. Other studies showed that fluoride has a negative impact on thyroid functioning . "....fluoride has impacts on TSH, T3 hormones even in the standard concentration of less than 0.5 mg/L. Application of standard household water purification and reverse osmosis was recommended for hypothyroidism". Fluoride does NOT belong in the drinking water supply....

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Chloramines in Tampa Water ?
Chloramines in Tampa Water ?